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Alcohol is a depressant which has the effect of dulling the brain and nervous system.

In small quantities, alcohol can actually be beneficial to health. In large quantities, on a regular basis, it can have a very serious negative effect on health. At one extreme it can kill. CIRRHOSIS of the liver for instance, is killing an increasing number of people as are drivers who are over the limit. At the other end of the scale, excess consumption of alcohol can lead to poor co-ordination, impaired vision, a weakening of the immune system, impotence and obesity.

What is a safe limit?

An accepted safe limit is 28 units a week for men and 21 units for women. A unit being approximately a glass of wine, half a pint of beer or a single measure of spirit. This recommended maximum presumes that the consumption is spread throughout the week and not consumed all at once in a ‘binge’.

A man’s liver can process only 8 units of alcohol within a 24 hour period and can take 72 hours to recover fully. It is easy to see how easy it is to damage this vital organ.

How to cut down

How about a bottle of mineral water instead of wine with your lunch? Always drink water alongside wine with a meal and try a spritzer (wine mixed with mineral water)instead of a straight glass of wine.

How to avoid a hangover

The most effective way to avoid a hangover is not to drink too much. Failing that, if you have over indulged, drinking large quantities of water before going to bed is very effective in warding off the worst effects.