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Advice for travellers

Before you go

Well before travelling abroad, check with your travel agent/embassy of the country you intend to visit on any special precautions you need to take.

At least two months before departure, discuss any vaccination requirements with your doctor of the practice nurse.

Pack a small first aid kit containing: adhesive dressings, insect repellent, antiseptic cream and water purification tablets.

When abroad

Check on the quality of drinking water. If in doubt either drink only bottled water or use water purification tablets. Avoid ice in drinks as this may have been made from suspect water.

Raw vegetables, salads and fresh fruit should be carefully washed in clean water. If in doubt, stick to freshly cooked food.

Beware of the sun. Use a high factor sun screen particularly in the first few days of exposure. Children in particular should be monitored closely in this respect.

In hot climates drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. If you are not passing water regularly, you are not drinking enough.

On your return

If you fall ill, don’t forget to tell your doctor that you have travelled abroad.

If you have received treatment abroad, tell your doctor on your return.

When donating blood, tell the transfusion staff which countries you have visited.